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Tips and warranty

The Right Humidity

Hardwood is a living substance. It reacts to variations in relative humidity. The wood expands in summer and contracts in winter. To minimize expansion and contraction in your hardwood flooring, we recommend that the relative humidity in your home be maintained at 45% throughout the year. Prior to installation, drywall joints must be finished, the cement floor poured and the heating system up and running. Everything must be dry. It is preferable that the floor be left to acclimatize to the home for at least 24 hours at the recommended humidity level.

Maintenance Advice and Practical Tips

  • To clean your floor, simply vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth using a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • For light stains, just wipe with a damp cloth. For more stubborn stains, apply vinegar directly onto the stain, let sit for 2-3 minutes, and then wipe, rubbing vigorously.
  • Maintain a balanced humidity level, by using a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed.
  • When moving heavy furniture, place on the back of a piece of carpeting and slide across the floor.
  • Your hardwood floor loves carpets and rugs provided they are cleaned regularly. The critical areas that can benefit from the presence of a carpet or rug are outside the front door, in front of the sink, under the dishwasher and in the spots where you work most often. Sand and water are your hardwood floor’s worst enemies.
  • Never use wax products, or strong or oil-based detergents on your floor because they can damage or dull the finish.
  • It is advisable to protect your floor against direct sunlight and strong light sources, as they can cause discolouration of the wood, especially with a pale wood. This phenomenon is normal and natural.


The warranty period on the finish is 25 years from date of purchase (with the bill being an acceptable proof of purchase-date). We guarantee that the finish will not sustain obvious wear or premature damage under normal residential use. If a defect occurs that is covered by the guarantee, coverage is limited to replacing or repairing the defective finish. The guarantee applies to the finish only when used under normal conditions and does not apply when used in commercial establishments or for any purposes other than personal or family use. The guarantee applies only if the covering material has been maintained regularly, as recommended. Moreover, the guarantee only applies if the recommended humidity rate and care instructions were followed during installation.

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