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Canadian Hardwood

Les bois de parquets Vaucluse Inc. is a Canadian family-owned business specialized in manufacturing of unfinished, varnished and oiled hardwood flooring. In operation since 1989, our objective is to act in the best interest of our growing clientele. Our mission is to guarantee superior-quality wood flooring and service by meeting the best manufacturing standards in the Canadian industry.
Les bois de parquets Vaucluse Inc. has global reach and is expanding. Our average annual production is currently 3 million feet of top-of-the-line wood flooring. Our team is made up of more than 30 dynamic and skilled employees whose goal isto guarantee a high-quality product that is natural, ecological and durable, and that will considerably enhance a property’s value while giving it a warm and welcoming cachet.
The hardwood flooring manufactured by Les bois de parquets Vaucluse Inc. is made using various species: oak, maple, yellow birch and ash. In fact, we make it our duty to fulfill the needs and specifications of each of our customers, by offering different grades of flooring, to suit for every taste.

The team at Les bois de parquets Vaucluse Inc. offers hardwood flooring of unparalleled quality at very competitive prices.

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